Home Automation

Just think of the possibilities with today’s home automation options. Before you return home from work, or perhaps a trip, your home can be perfect for your return. For example:

  • Turn the lights on for your arrival, or adjust the on-off timing when you are away.
  • From just about anywhere adjust the thermostat settings for comfort, convenience and economy.
  • Unlock the doors for children coming home from school. Or, let in your teenage daughter who misplaced her keys.
  • Set a bedtime schedule controlling temperature, outside lighting, and lock settings.
  • With touchpad, television, smart phone or PC, double check special areas like the entrance way, garage, pool and children’s room.
  • Adjust the ceiling fans for different speed levels at different times of day

The possibilities are limitless. To discuss these home automation features, call Jackson Security Services today at (205) 752-3569 or complete the form below: